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Yuyao No.2 Standard Fastener Factory


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Yu Yao No.2 standard fastener factory was established in 1973,as the most professional manufacture of fasteners for High Pressure and High-Temperature Service, we have obtained trust from the customers in every region of China. We have a long history of being a manufacture for over 30 years, so the power of technology is abundant, and the quality of product is steady, the craft is advancing, all kinds of device of detecting are applied. We have passed ISO 9001 authentication in 2001. Our product ranged from the accessories of cars and compressor and valves. Representative Product: (1) Eyebolt GB 798, DIN 444, refinement eyebolt. The spherical surface is very smooth, the precision of screw thread is high. As accessory it can improve integrated quality for your product. (2) Special parts, used food machine, textile machine, medical machine, truck. (3) Bolts of the series of UNC, UNR, 2A-3A, with corresponding 2H nuts. The criterion of ASTM A193/B7, A193/B7M, ASTM A320/L7, A320/L7M, ASTM A194/2H,A194/2HM is executed.

Company Information

  • Company Name: Yuyao No.2 Standard Fastener Factory
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • My Core Product Categories: Eye bolt, eye screw; 
  • Core Products Description: Eye bolt, eye screw;  etc.
  • Standard list:
  • Year Established: 1993
  • Annual Sales Volume: USD 2,000,001~5,000,000
  • Current Export Markets: Worldwide; 
  • Export Percentage:50

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  • Experienced in fastener industry
  • Focusing on fastener market
  • With high quality products
  • Trust worthiness and reputation
  • Having strong export team
  • 国际紧固件买家唯一认可
  • 优质中国紧固件出口厂家
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